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Basic Guide
This is a brief user guide which covers the key skills in using Moodle.
Quick Guide
This guide provides an overview of Moodle environment and outlines the procedure of some basic skills in using Moodle.
Brief Guides
Over 70 instructional sheets are available in a Moodle Course [CLT0013_CLT_TRW_1( Moodle Resources)]. Each describes the procedure of how to use some common Moodle tools or change some Moodle settings. Please login with your CNA and password.
Frequently Asked Questions
This FAQ sheet can help you troubleshoot some common issues/problems.
List of e-Learning Coordinators
You can check out the name and email of e-Learning Coordinators of your campus, discipline and department/stream.
Policy on Anti-plagiarism Software (May 2014)
This is a LTSC paper which outlilnes a list of recommendations to VTC staff on the adoption of an anti-plagiarism software in AY15/16.
Policies for Implementation of Moodle(June 2012)
This is a LTSC paper which describes the existing policies on the use of Moodle in VTC and related guidelines.
Communication Strategies for Staff and Students to Ensure Smooth Implementation of Moodle (Feb 2012)
This is another LTSC paper which outlines a range of training programmes to be provided for various target stakeholders.
* LTSC stands for Learning and Teaching Steering Committee  


Moodle Assignment:
   1. Create an Assignment 2. Submit and re-submit Assignment
   3. Late submission 4. Grant right to overdue submission
   5. Download Assignment files 6. Download Assignment grading worksheet
   7. Upload Assignment grading worksheet 8. Upload marked Assignment files
   9. Mark an Assignment in Moodle 10. Create a Video Assignment
   11. Submit Video Assignment 12. Download Video Assignment

   1. Teacher view and download VeriGuide report 2. Student view and download VeriGuide report

Hot Potatoes:
   1. Install Hot Potatoes plug-in application 2. Create a Multiple-choice questions with JQuiz
   3. Create a Short-answer questions with JQuiz 4. Create a Hybrid questions with JQuiz
   5. Create a Multi-select questions with JQuiz 6. Create a Matching Exercise with JMatch
   7. Create a Gap-fill Exercise with JCloze 8. Create a Crossword Puzzle with JCross
   9. Create a Jumbled-sentence Exercise with JMix 10. Add a Hot Potatoes Activity in Moodle
   11. Edit Quiz Settings in Moodle

Moodle Quiz:
   1. Create a Quiz 2. Add Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)
   3. Add Short answer question 4. Add Essay question (answer in text format)
   5. Add Essay question (answer in file format) 6. Add Description
   7. Create Category for question 8. Add MCQ to the Category
   9. Move MCQ to the Category 10. Add Random question
   11. Duplicate Quiz 12. Attempt Quiz as student
   13. Download Grade 14. Download Quiz answer in text format
   15. Download Quiz answer in file format

   1. Download and install Respondus plug-in application 2. Activate Respondus password
   3. Set randomize answers 4. Import multiple choice questions to Respondus
   5. Preview and edit the questions 6. Publish Respondus quiz to Moodle
   7. Edit quiz settings in Moodle

Moodle Choice:
   1. Create a Choice 2. Answer Choice
   3. View the Choice result