Pamphlet for Self-directed Learning

  • Pamphlet for Self-directed Learning 自主學習小冊子 [ English ]


  • Student Basic Guide 學生基本指南 [ English ] [ Video ]

  • Student Quick Guide 學生快速指南 [ 中文版 ] [ English ]

  • Frequently Asked Questions 常見問題

  • Q I cannot login to my Moodle account. What should I do? 我不能登入 Moodle,應該怎麼辦?
    A If you are a new VTC student, you need to activate your Computer Network Account (CNA) at
    If you are a current user of VTC email system but forgot your password, please click "Forget password?" at
    如果你是VTC新同學, 請你先啟動你的電腦及網絡戶口:
    如果你是舊同學,但忘記登入電郵密碼,請登入 按 "忘記密碼?" 連結。

    Q Can I change my photo? 我可否更改我的個人照片?
    A You cannot change your photo which is automatically imported from the Student Record System (SRS).
    你的個人照片是自動從學生記錄系統 (SRS)導入,未能隨意更改。

    Q Can I use my mobile device (smartphone or tablets) to access a Moodle Course? 我可否用我的流動裝置 (電話或平板電腦) 登入Moodle 課程?
    A Yes, you can login the Moodle platform ( via Wi-Fi or according to the mobile service plan.
    你可以透過Wi-Fi 或流動數據服務計劃登入Moodle 網上學習平台。(

    Q Which browsers should I use with my mobile device? 如用流動裝置,我應該使用哪些瀏覽器?
    A Google Chrome is recommended.
    建議使用 Google Chrome 瀏覽器。

    Q What types of files can be uploaded for assignment submission and how large  is the file size?
    A Moodle accepts all files types. Teacher can set the size limit for your online assignment submission.

    Q Do I have a storage area in Moodle? 我是否有個人的存儲空間?
    A Students can store files in “My private files" and you have 500MB of storage space.
    在“我的私人文件”夾內,同學享有 500MB 的空間存儲檔案。

    Q I have completed 2 quizzes and 1 assignment. Where can I check my scores/grades? 我已完成兩個小測及提交了一份功課,我怎樣查看自己的分數/成績?
    A In the "Settings" block on the right, click on "Grades".  From there, you can click on the name of any assignment/quiz completed to review your grade/comments.
      在課程工具清單中的”設置”區 (Settings),點擊“成績”(Grades)。再點擊完成的功課/測驗名稱去查看你的分數或導師給予的評語。


    Q How could I find the Quizzes or Assignments from my Moodle courses? 如何找到我多個 Moodle 課程的測驗或功課?
    A Click the "Calendar" button near the top left to see the Quizzes, Assignment, or other events.
    點擊左上角附近的 “行事曆” 按鈕以查看測驗,作業或其他事件。